Another Week            

I spoke in my opening blog about the mass amount of time I spend working at a bunch of jobs, and I figured that this entry should be about why I choose to write this blog is my only spare time. You see, I’ve always been a person of words, it has always been my strong suit. I have been fascinated with the twisting of the English language for quite some time, and even as a kid used to sit down with my favorite tapes and CD’s just to write out the lyrics to my favorite songs. I began poetry when I was quite young, wrote short stories, and even have been working on my first novel in my little spare time.

When it comes to communication in the real world, I still choose written word, I would rather text than to talk to someone on the phone, I would rather write an email than have a video chat, I just find that I at least have the control over all my words when it comes to something I’ve written. It’s even been my way to deal with the hardest of moments in my life. If my relationship is affected by a huge argument, I don’t talk it out, I write out what I want to say and then present it to the person. I find when I speak that I don’t have the means to properly say what it is I mean, perhaps I don’t know. But in writing it down, reading it over, I get to have my own realizations on what’s really going on in my mind.

Which is what leads to this blog I guess, a means for me to just empty my thoughts onto virtual paper to see what’s really going on in my mind. To be able to just bounce ideas off of whoever may be reading this, and at the same time maybe learn a little something about myself. I thought of many different ways to approach this, from poetry, to music to other forms of written word, but realized that I had never attempted a blog before. I did briefly try to write a journal when I was younger, but really came to realize how much I had dark and negative things in my mind, and so chose to stop.

At least here, I have the capability to filter everything I say, and what I choose to reveal about myself. There are enough stories in my life to fill volumes of books, and yet most of them I choose not to share, so instead I talk from my Wednesday to my Wednesday and see where my life has taken me. From the last conversation we had, not very far, as you well know by now most of my life is work, home and then work at home, so there isn’t much room for grand adventures. But still I take the time to lay it all out there for the world to see.

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