Month: January 2017

Full Of Woe            

I wanted to make a funny play off the Monday’s Child nursery rhyme for the title of this particular entry, but was surprised to find out that full of woe was the ending for this particular day of the week, how ominous is that? As much as the title may throw one off, I’m actually not full of any woe at this particular time, yet I’m going to keep the title there anyway. My writing on this entry is a little late in the day as I actually chose to spend some of my time socializing tonight, which is a rarity. But my best friend, who works for a local company called Citadel Roof had the evening off too, and we don’t get much time to hang out, so we made the time tonight.

It leaves me a little behind on my normal schedule, but it’s ok, I have the time to get this page off before falling asleep to wake up at way too early o’clock for my first job tomorrow. They say that working too much messes with you in a number of ways, but I actually don’t find that to be very true. I have my downtime walking between jobs, and the fact that they are all quite different from one another allows me to feel that I’m not really just working all day. Despite of course having to be in a particular position that I can’t really just up and walk away from whenever I feel like it.

It still gives me the feeling that I have control over each of the aspects of my day though, as I have the means to switch up my tasks at the time whenever a job switch comes. I go from being alone at a grill, to surrounded by customers and coworkers, to relaxing in the quiet of my own home with the clicking of the keyboard to keep me company. I intersperse my home work with some of the things that I enjoy, such as television episodes or the brief video game, but I don’t have some boss breathing down my neck making sure I’m always aware of a deadline.

That’s not to say that I don’t have any deadlines, but time management has always been one of my stronger suits, so I know how to make the most of my time while still getting work done. It can be a little lonely existence, sure, but perhaps that’s why I’m writing to you here. To have that little connection with the outside world and maybe come across someone else who’s in my type of position, where we’re both just trying to make the most of the little we have. Or perhaps the reader of this piece is just thinking that I need to suck it up and at least I’m not in some labor camp for seventeen hours a day. No matter who the person on the other end is though, I’m glad you’re here.